Hydraulic Box Blade

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Hydraulic Box Blade —

This blade is perfect for the home owner who needs to level his drive or the contractor who moves dirt for a living.

The blade is fabricated from 1/4" plate and heavy steel tubing. It is available 6, 8 or 10 feet wide. Pictured to the right is the 8' blade.

The blade comes with the hydraulic cylinder and hoses; all you need are the connectors to fit your tractor. The 6 and 8 feet wide blades are recommended for tractors down to 30 hp.

Since the wheels are behind the blade and on smooth ground, you will achieve a table-top smooth graded surface. This design, unlike 3 point hitch blades that dip and roll with the tractor, provides a smooth grade the first time.  

Shipping weights: 6' blade 950 lbs, 8' blade 1175 lbs, 10' blade 1350 lbs. 

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